Threat Management

Corporate computer networks are continuously under siege by hackers and malicious insiders eager to exploit any and every vulnerability. These attacks are increasing not only in frequency, but also in complexity and severity. Organisations have attempted to protect themselves by implementing industry-leading security solutions like antivirus gateways, firewalls and intrusion prevention systems. These technologies are valuable, but scores of security devices and systems from different vendors can lead to a new problem: crippling complexity. To understand and effectively manage this complexity requires time, effort and specialised expertise.

If you’re seeking to effectively monitor, detect, analyse and respond to the security data your network produces, all in real-time, Strategic Data’s Real-Time Threat Management-as-a-Service can help. Our service combines collection, correlation, management, early warning and detection with 24x7 expert security analysis and incident response to keep your network ahead of today’s evolving risks.

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