Wifi (Wireless Solutions)

Wireless Access Points deliver robust security, unparalleled reliability, and high performance for today’s demanding business needs, with single and dual band, PoE, multiple SSIDs, and a complete set of enterprise features. Our Access Points can be configured in minutes, include comprehensive monitoring and detailed statistics for ease of management, and come with lifetime warranty to ensure highest reliable deployment for businesses of all sizes.

Strategic Data Communication delivers business-class speed and range, simple installation and maintenance, and much-needed flexibility to the growing small business users. Designed with simplicity in mind, the various Wireless products offers easy to configure WPA2 and MAC authentication security, can be set up in minutes, with additional Ethernet ports so you can add extra devices such as PC, printer, or web camera.

Wireless Management
At Strategic Data Communication we understand wireless networking continues to be a growth area, fuelled by device proliferation and a desire to be connected anytime, anywhere using any device. Independent analyst’s point to more Controller based solutions being sold over standalone AP deployments, as IT departments deal with an increase in wireless management challenges that are best served with a centralized management platform. Choose to manage your WLAN either through the Cloud with Business Central Wireless Manager, or with a hardware based on site controller.


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