New office IT setup

Setting up or moving to a new office.
We can help you plan and setup your new office IT infrastructure during this busy period. Having helped setup numerous new offices, you can trust our experienced team with all your IT needs

Fully-Managed One-Stop Solution
From research, planning, procurement, scheduling delivery, to setup, testing and commissioning of all your IT equipment, we’ll take care of them all, leaving you more time to concentrate on other important tasks.

Cost Effective Solutions
We understand that budget can be tight during this period. By studying your business requirements and recommending only the equipment/configuration that you really need, we help you save cost.

Professional IT Advice
Setting up a new office is a time when many important decisions are made which can affect operations later on. With years of experience, we can provide professional advice to help you avoid expensive pit-falls.

IT Documentation and Standards
It is easy to over-look the importance of proper documentation and standards when setting-up a new office. At Apixel, we make it a point to document your IT setup in detail to facilitate quick problem resolution and long-term manageability of your IT systems after the initial setup.

Strong After-Sales Support
As we’re primarily an IT support company, you can count on us to iron-out any issues and fine-tune your IT systems after the initial setup. If you need long-term on-going support, we offer comprehensive IT support packages to meet any requirements that you may have.


  • Server Setup & Configuration
  • Desktop and Laptop, Tablet Setup & Configuration
  • Printers & Copiers Setup & Configuration
  • Setup of Office Network & Internet Access
  • Setup of Communications Systems - Telephones, Video Conference & AV Equipment
  • Setup of Mobile Devices including Blackberry, iPhones & smart-phones etc
  • Professional IT Consultation
  • Technology Procurement - Assist/advise in purchasing equipment, software and services; evaluating and qualifying vendors.
  • Backup Strategy and Business Continuity Planning
  • IT Asset Management & Documentation

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