Firewall security

Firewalls control the traffic between the internal and external networks and are the core of a strong network security policy Firewall Security Softwares are a set of security features that makes sure that the Security Gateway or Security Management Server gives the correct functionality and performance. The Firewall is part of the Software architecture that supplies "next-generation" firewall features, including:

  • VPN and mobile device connectivity
  • Identity and computer awareness
  • Internet access and filtering
  • Application control
  • Intrusion and threat prevention
  • Data Loss Prevention

Firewall solutions for business are available as either software or hardware (with software components). Software firewalls protect each individual PC they're installed on. But to protect all your company's computers, each must have a software firewall installed. That can get expensive and be difficult to maintain.

On the other hand, hardware-based firewall solutions for small business protect all computers on your network. A hardware-based firewall is easier to administer, too.

The ideal firewall solutions for small business integrate a hardware firewall with software controls into a comprehensive security solution that includes virtual private network (VPN) support, antivirus, antispam, antispyware, and content filtering capabilities.

Firewall Solutions for Business: Benefits

Firewall solutions for small business, when integrated with a comprehensive security device, offer many benefits. Among them are:

  • Support for changing business needs. The best firewall solutions for small business let you safely deploy new applications. They provide advanced application-layer security for a wide range of applications, including email, voice over IP (VoIP), video, and multimedia programs.
  • Controlled access to your company's resources. The most effective firewall solutions for small business block unauthorized access to applications or information assets.
  • Increased employee productivity. By blocking unauthorized access from hackers, your firewall helps prevent the loss of employee productivity or valuable company data.
  • Improved business resiliency. The best firewalls prevent disruption of business-critical applications and services due to security breaches.

Here are some ways STRATEGIC DATA COMMUNICATIONS Firewall Security Services can help you reach your data protection and business goals:

Compliance and firewall security

Firewall security services can play an important role in helping you comply with state, federal and industry regulations that impact your company. For example, firewall security services can help satisfy requirements of the payment card industry to develop and maintain protected systems and applications for processing credit card transactions. STRATEGIC DATA COMMUNICATIONS experts can help you determine which firewall services and other security measures best satisfy your compliance needs.

Remote office firewall security solutions

Locations with their own dedicated Internet connections must have security policies that are enforced and managed by your IT department. One security patch that is not implemented at one branch office can leave your entire corporate network vulnerable to malicious traffic and violate corporate security policies. Managed firewall services could make it easier to keep security policies consistent across every office by giving you a single point of control for all locations.

Endpoint security solutions to help protect mobile and remote devices

Devices connecting into your company from outside the corporate network may not always be monitored by your firewall. STRATEGIC DATA COMMUNICATIONS can provide endpoint security service which helps enforce firewall, configuration and other security policies on these devices.

Strategic Data Communications provides secure device management which extends the assistance. Strategic Data Communications can offer for your on-premises security software or hardware. With this service, Strategic Data Communications Manages and monitors your on-premises security infrastructure

  • Develops, updates or validates security policies, configuration standards and procedures to align with your business requirements
  • Identifies solutions to support a policy-based management infrastructure
  • Helps lessen expenses for staffing and maintenance
  • Helps reduce the complexity of managing your own IP network security solution

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