Disaster recovery

Our work begins from where your work has ceased!!

Data Recovery is our specialized which is very unique & needs special knowledge. We have experienced professional to retrieve lost data from difficult disks and various other media due to natural and artificial causes.

Strategic Data Communications have a friendly and pleasant team of data recovery experts who have a prosperity of encounter to assist you with your useful and data recovery needs. In the past some years, since we have released The Data Recovery Lab we have helped thousands of customers recover their valuable data and have started and obtained comprehensive experience as a data recovery organization and learned how to better our services and data recovery lab.

Strategic Data Communications uses innovative hardware & software tools, which will ensure the safety and reliability of your media while repairing technical and electrical issues in-house & is ready to deal with your data recovery crises any time -- day or night because we understand the value of your information to your business. However for urgent we charge a precondition fee.

We have a long history of working with various capabilities, models, types of different organization’s hard-drives & software problems.

We have the popularity of making what seems difficult to possible. We also offer recovery from technical failing, natural disaster, sabotage, deleted / corrupted files, human error and computer virus. We recover hard drives, pen drives, tapes, zip disks, floppy disks, i omega -drives, optical disks, and dvd/ cd-roms, etc. When your data is lost don't just deliver it to anyone --------send it to a professional -- STRATEGIC DATA COMMUNICATIONS! Our high success rate is due to our experienced experts who have years of mixed experience in data recovery. They have efficiently recovered data from the so -- called "irrecoverable data".

Our service contains atmosphere for HDD repairs, SMD solder stations for PCB repair and full abilities to manufacture custom tooling and jigs. We can recover data from any media-- from any data file system (DOS, OS2, MAC, UNIX, WINDOWS NT, WINDOWS 2000, WINDOWS XP, WINDOWS VISTA and NOVELL). In case of crisis of data recovery there is one company that you can totally rely on......US!

It can be alarming to hear strange noises coming from your hard drive. Below are a few examples of noises that could lead to or be caused by a hard drive failure. This is not meant to be a self diagnosis tool; it's just a simple way to let you know that Eco Data Recovery is capable of rescuing data from drives that suffer from each of these failures.

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