Nov 2019
by Admin

Integrating Access Control with DCS

Destination control system (DSC) is an advanced mechanism of elevator management and control where the passenger registers his/her floor destination at an input device, hence, the lift car already knows which floor the passenger is travelling to. Typically, the passenger enters the desired location into the input panel or keypad in the lift landing area. DCS works by grouping the passengers according to common destination and a lift car is assigned to take the passengers to the desired floors.

Although, passengers may have to wait longer for their turns to access the lift car, DCS reduces the total travel time by eliminating any stops in between floors. DCS helps in improving security and travelling experience of the passengers. It is a hassle free way of managing the visitor crowd and directing them towards their assigned floors. IDCUBE’s Access360 platform seamlessly integrates with DCS for user authentication and floor access management..