Backup solutions

Protect all your business-critical systems—physical, virtual, and cloud—with one efficient backup solution managed by a single, easy-to-use console. World-class data protection designed to fit any business environment—from a single workstation to an entire enterprise infrastructure.

Strategic Data Communications offer complete data protection, secure file access/sync/share solutions, and system management tools suitable for any environment. Designed to work both on premise and in the cloud, An ideal solution for any infrastructure—from small local businesses to multi-system enterprises with on-site and offsite endpoints.

Backup & Recovery

  • Award-winning backup technology that captures everything in one simple step.
  • Software designed for exceptional ease of use that requires almost zero learning curve
  • Complete and Flexible New Generation Data Protection
  • Full Disk and Virtual Machine Imaging File-based backups
  • Single-pass Block-level Data Management Eliminates the need for multiple agents for application, file and block-level data capture and dramatically increases speed and efficiency by preserving metadata in Universal Backup Format.
  • Hybrid Cloud and On-Premise Backup Flexibly backup locally to disk or tape for quick recovery, or to the cloud for Disaster Recovery from a remote location, or to multiple locations.
  • Multi-destination support that can store backup data anywhere (including the cloud)
  • Compression and deduplication Saves time, space and network bandwidth for any backup
  • Encryption High-grade encryption (AES-256) is available as option to protect any data and any communication channel from unwanted attention
  • Unified Backup Format Data is stored to your choice of disk, tape or cloud using our patented Unified Backup Format optimized for speed, data compression, deduplication and flexibility.
  • Ultra-fast disaster recovery that will get you back up and running in minutes
  • Flexible data recovery that can restore anything—from a single file to an entire server
  • Granular Recovery From a single-pass backup, granularly recover at the object, file, application or system level
  • Universal Restore In the event of hardware failure, Universal Restore technology allows bare-metal recovery of your entire system to new hardware of a different make/model, or to a virtual server in minutes—without the usual complications.
  • Centralized Management Flexible, secure and scalable centralized management, monitoring and reporting across hundreds of virtual and physical machines from a single Management Server.
  • Converting any system backups to any VM Disk format Effectively enabling zero-time VM recovery, you will just need to start the VM to recover your physical, virtual or cloud system
  • Flexible Any-to-Any Migration The combination of unified backup format, Acronis Universal Restore, and incremental backup of live machines makes it very easy to migrate servers between any physical, virtual and cloud platforms and any locations, local or remote.

Backup for Virtual
Backup and recovery for virtualization is similar to physical environments. Having separate solutions for both can be expensive, difficult to manage and complicated. Our solutions remove the complexity of server consolidation by reducing administrative time and providing centralized backup for all major VM platforms from one solution: VMware, Microsoft, Citrix, Red Hat, Oracle VM and Parallels.

Key Features & Benefits

  • Specialized Backups for VMware, Microsoft, Citrix, Red Hat, Oracle VM and Parallels
  • Agentless VM Backup for VMware and Microsoft Hyper-v
  • Agent-Based VM Backup for all Virtual environments
  • vCenter Integration
  • Windows Hyper-V Integration
  • RHEV Manager Integration
  • VMware vMotion and VMware High Availability Support
  • Includes granular support for Exchange, SQL Serve®r, Active Directory ®,and SharePoint ®.
  • Efficient Incremental Backups
  • Direct to Tape Backups
  • Virtual Application (vApp) Support
  • Recover a server as a VM
  • Centralized Management/Reporting
  • Built-in block level data de-duplication
  • Built-in Universal Restore

Agent For MSSQL
Backup for SQL is a powerful and innovative product for Microsoft SQL Server deployments. The single-pass technology combines two backups in one, eliminating the need to have separate strategies for data protection and disaster recovery of Microsoft SQL Servers. While the backup protects the entire server, restoring SQL data is completely SQL aware. Any type of recovery – disk, file, SQL database or the entire server can be performed quickly and via a user-friendly interface, from a single backup.

Key Features & Benefits

  • Efficiency of disk snapshot, with flexibility of dedicated SQL backup tool
  • SQL aware restore, from a single database to the entire server
  • Backup data access without restore.
  • Single-Pass Backups for SQL Server
  • SQL Log Truncation
  • SQL-Aware Recovery Interface
  • SQL Recovery Catalog
  • Mounting Databases Without Restoring
  • SQL Active Restore
  • Direct Performance Management

Agent for Sharepoint
A properly protected SharePoint farm can be difficult to deploy and manage due to a variety of factors, such as protection of physical or virtual servers hosting SharePoint services, protection of SQL databases storing site content, and recovery servers or third-party application for item-level recovery. And in the event of a problem in which the data needs to be recovered quickly, finding the right data and bringing it back online can be stressful and error-prone. This may be true with other solutions, but not with Backup Advanced for SharePoint. our single-pass approach is based on disk-snapshot backup, but it also automatically indexes other data, such as SharePoint content databases. This eliminates the need for any additional backup product or agent, making the entire solution easy to deploy and manage.

In a traditional backup approach, the backup configuration should reflect the configuration of the services it protects. This assumes deploying proper agents and specific configuration to different server roles in SharePoint Farm – Web Servers, Application or Database Servers. This also means that when the configuration changes, such as when a server or service is added or removed, the backup configuration should also be updated. If this is forgotten or a mistake is made, the data may be unprotected. Acronis Backup Advanced for SharePoint can leverage a unified backup configuration for any server in a farm, finding and protecting the right data regardless of the location. If the farm configuration changes, the backup will follow automatically.

Key Features & Benefits

  • Powered by AnyData Technology
  • Single-pass backup to protect any server role in a SharePoint farm, with just one backup job
  • Reliable SharePoint Farm Protection
  • Granular SharePoint Recovery
  • Easy Data Browsing
  • Flexible Recovery Destinations

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