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The number of unique Web threats appearing per hour in 2006 was about 2.37. Today that many unique Internet threats appear every second—some 8,200 per hour. More specifically, Trend Micro found the number of Android malware shot up from 1,000 at the start of 2012 to 350,000 by year’s end. As of the first week of December 2015, over 1,700 malicious and high risk apps were still available on Google Play and third-party providers.
So, whether you are trying to safeguard your identity or you are tasked to protect your company’s data from cybercriminals bent on disrupting your networks with viruses, worms, Trojan horses and more, it’s time to take a closer look at the options available to assure that everything from your baby pictures to mission-critical data is properly protected.

Managing network security can be one of the most challenging responsibilities in any organization. Every day, thousands of new threats join the parade of spam, viruses and bot-nets angling for business networks. History has shown that viruses, like their human counterpart, continue to mutate into more sophisticated, injurious strains. And they will continue to evolve, with hybrid forms becoming more common and methods of delivery more varied,they will attack via the traditional methods—USBs and Email attachments—and they will also spread in non-traditional media as well, using new technologies as they are developed, such as instant messaging. No matter how they are delivered, Viruses are the most frequent security breach that enterprises face on a daily basis.

The AntiVirus Protection System extends from the endpoint (servers, desktops & laptops) to the cloud, and beyond, ensuring the best of protection at every layer of the enterprise. This system, connecting every protected device, enables each product to provide the best protection possible at the layer deployed. Provides high-quality protection for corporate information assets from all types of contemporary Internet threats. Our solution offers protection to Workstations, Laptops and File servers from all types of computer threats, prevents epidemics of malicious programs, and keeps information secure and fully accessible to users of network resources. The product was designed to meet the increasing demands of servers operating under heavy loads.


  • Integrated, cross-platform virus and malware protection
  • Extremely low administration costs through automated workflows and central management
  • Intuitive operation without long, expensive training times
  • Fast reaction to new dangers through an in-house malware research center
  • Constantly evolving detection technology traps emerging forms of malware that escape traditional virus scanning methods.
  • Behavior-based detection technology repels potential malware attacks immediately (Windows).
  • Integrated Mail Protection (POP3, IMAP and SMTP) examines incoming and outgoing email messages and attachments (Windows).
  • An enhanced detection engine scans for embedded archives, blocking malware hidden inside graphics and other harmless-looking files.
  • Server load is minimized thanks to small, bandwidth-saving updates of program and virus detection databases.
  • Comprehensive notification and reporting functions allow administrators to identify network vulnerabilities quickly and respond immediately to problems.
  • RPM package management support helps simplify installation and administration, saving even more time and resources (Unix).
  • Updates are faster and more stable thanks to optimized load balancing and error recovery.


  • Proactive technologies backed by traditional signature-based protection
  • A solution for all nodes and network platforms
  • Protection against all types of Internet threats
  • Centralized Administration Console
  • Complete protection for Servers, Workstations and Laptops [Both Windows and Linux]
  • Efficient use of network resources
  • Rapid response
  • Self-defense against attacks by malware
  • Complete protection for MS-Exchange, MS Sharepoint, Web Gateway & Mail Gateway

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